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The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore
Can you stop the evil magician pirate BlackLore? The enchanted "Magician's Handbook" will be your guide in a world of sorcery and mystery. Find keys to unlock secret items as you interact with an animated and spooky world! Be ready for anything from biting flowers and prankster juvenile ghosts, to flying books and talking trees in this spell-binding adventure! Over a thousand enchanted objects and a variety of unique and challenging puzzles await you in this immersive sequel!

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The Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley
Discover the mystery behind a valley with no name as you seek for objects at 13 magical locations.  Unlock the hidden pages of the Magician's Handbook and reveal a delightful world of hidden object fun!
Hand-Painted Backgrounds - Cleverly hidden objects

More Info Buy Now! Just $6.99! Download for PC (for Mac)

Break Ball 2 Gold
Improving the critically acclaimed Break Ball 2 with smoother game play, new features and 3D graphics Break Ball 2 Gold gives players the ultimate breakout challenge. 
6 specialized paddles - Vs. play - Hundreds of great levels

More InfoBuy Break Ball 2 Gold Now ($4.99!)Download the FREE demo!

Dark Archon
Play as one of four races fighting to stay alive in an interstellar battle for survival! Featuring dazzling 3D graphics & effects and more than 60 levels within 4 separate storylines, Dark Archon will have you entranced for weeks.  Which race will you pick to survive?

More InfoBuy Dark Archon -Invasion- Now ($6.99!)Download the FREE demo!

Zero Count
If you enjoy puzzles and strategy, you'll love Zero Count, where the two are combined into one game! Fantastic 3D graphics combine with addicting single player and an amazingly fun multiplayer versus game that is sure to be stealing away the hours of your day for many days to come.

More InfoBuy Zero Count Now ($2.99)Download the FREE demo!

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