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BC Soft Games is an Independent Game Developer creating Casual Games for You!


 About Us


Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, BC Soft games is a small mostly one-man company that is dedicated to making fun games. The company was started in 2001 with the release of the game Break Ball.  Over the next 3 years BC Soft released 5 more games.  The company was working on the award winning Dark Archon 2 in 2004 when it decided to change directions.  Currently BC Soft is working on a new series of casual games for the casual games market.

Release History

Company History

  • 2001 - Founded

  • 2003 - Break Ball 2: Gold wins Arkanoid Game of the Year at Game Tunnel

  • 2004 - Dark Archon 2 is an IGF Student Showcase Finalist

  • 2007 - Time Command becomes Freeware on its 5 year anniversary

  • 2007 - Website Re-Launched

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