Break Ball2 Game Modes

Modes- Break Ball 1 offered many different modes of game play.  Since the game is intended to be a combination of the Breakout and Pong concepts, it allows for team play, versus play and single player play.  BB2 expands on these modes of play with versus play that can now occur over a network, versus play against a more crafty computer opponents, team play over a network, and objective mode, where you play to unlock certain items, such as better paddles, and ball skins.

In addition to the modes above, BB2 has added a board designer.  The Break Ball 2 board designer (BB2BE) allows you to create your own levels of mayhem.  You can then trade them with friends or swap them on the BB2 website.

Single Player Mode- In this classic mode, you can take any one of the paddles and play through a level set.  You can increase the paddle's special ability by catching a level up power-up.  If you increase your paddle's level, it will continue with you to the next level that you play.  At the end of the single player mode, you may see the credits if you pass all of the levels of the particular board set that you choose.  You will also see the high score list, and if your score is high enough, you will be able to enter it into the list.

To Begin a game in Single player mode, choose "Single Player" from the start screen of Break Ball 2.  Single player is chosen by default when you start the game, so you shouldn't have to do anything to start the game in single player mode other than clicking on the start button.

Team Game- is identical to single player mode, but instead of taking on all of the levels by yourself, you can do it with a friend. 

To begin a team game, click on the button below the "Start Game" button.  If you click once on the button, it will change from "Single Player" to "Team Game."  Click on "Start Game" to begin the game.

VS. Human- In this game mode, you take on a human opponent.  Your opponent can either be playing on the same computer you are using, or on a different computer.  The object of this game is to get your ball past the opponent a specific number of times.   The number of times that you have to get the ball past your opponent is chosen on the "Paddle Selection" screen.  You will also select the level you will play on on the paddle selection screen, and whether or not you count points for your opponent if your own ball goes past your paddle.  Whenever you are playing any type of a versus game, you will have the opportunity to choose a profile from the "Profile Screen".  If you choose a profile, your win-loss record will be recorded so you can keep an on-going tally of your record.  (NOTE:  Since you will be playing against an opponent, you will only play one level of a board set when you play a Versus game.)

To begin a VS. Human game, click on the button below the "Start Game" button.  If you click twice on the button, it will change from "Single Player" to "vs. Human."  Click on "Start Game" to begin the game. 

VS. Computer- This mode is identical to VS. Human mode as its objective is to get your ball past the computer a specific amount of times.  You can select the paddle for the computer if you believe you will have better luck beating him that way. 

To begin a VS. computer game, click on the button below the "Start Game" button.  If you click three times on the button, it will change from "Single Player" to "vs. Computer."  Click on "Start Game" to begin the game.  You will then need to go through the "Controller" setup screen.

Quest Mode- When you first begin playing BB2 you will notice that many of the items are locked.  To unlock the paddles and other items, you must complete a series of specific tasks.  (you cannot unlock items in the shareware version)

Paddles-One paddle, from left to right, is unlocked for each 5 complete board sets you beat.
-One new ball skin is unlocked for beating each of the computer opponents (paddles) on easy or med difficulty level.  (note:  In order to play the computer opponent with a specific paddle, you will have to have that paddle unlocked.)

???-What do you get for getting the all computer opponents on the hard difficulty level?  Well you'll just have to do it to find out! (A hint, it has to do with how long it takes to power up your weapons...)

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