Break Ball2

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Break Ball- was initially released to the public in May of 2000.  After tweaking with the concept a little bit and some urging by the public, the project of BB2 was begun.  Then intent of BB2 was to provide a great gaming experience like no other available.  This is being done by making the game a community game.  The expandability of BB2 is unlimited.  Board sets can be purchased at the official BB2 website. 

BB2 will also save your record for vs. games so you can keep a running record of your win/loss record.  The vs. games are very difficult and provide many opportunities to outwit your opponent, thanks to the other enhancements to the initial Break Ball game.  In BB2, there are multiple paddles each with it's own special abilities.  In addition, each paddle uses separate power levels, much like we used for the game TIME COMMAND. 

BB2 added spin to the ball allowing you to send the ball in curved orbits with the right amount of English applied.  This makes for a special ability for those who are able to master the difficulty of spinning the ball to where you want it to go.

Perhaps the most interesting addition to Break Ball2 is the addition of multiple paddle types.  In addition to the normal paddle you are familiar with, you can try a magnetic paddle, an ice paddle, a winds paddle, a rubber paddle, and the ballistics paddle.  Each paddle carries with it its own characteristics and abilities, making the play in BB2 unlike any other.

In the one player game, we've added upon the originality of bouncing bricks with some more amazing brick concepts.  Frozen bricks and exploding bricks will affect the bricks in the near vicinity.  Another new feature is that the ball can break through multiple layers of bricks if it is powered up enough.  If it is too weak, it may only bounce a brick without actually breaking it.

We hope you enjoy this new version of an old classic.  Your interest and financing is what keeps the new games coming.

Break Ball Copyright 2001-2002 by Bryce Carroll