Break Ball2 Paddles/Balls

There are multiple paddles available in Break Ball2.  Each paddle has individual abilities.  All paddles can be charged up by holding down the left mouse button.  After charging the paddle, you will be able to release the left mouse button for the special ability to occur.  In addition, each paddle has 3 levels.  Each level causes the special ability to become stronger or more controllable.  For example, the 3rd level of the missile paddle makes the missile being launched faster as well as guidable by the paddle.

Paddle Levels-
Levels are indicated by a graphic on score overlay at the top of the screen.  The graphic is located in the top left corner for player 1 and in the top right corner for player 2.  These indicate what level the paddle is currently at.  Level 1 is the bottom level, level 3 is the top.

-Level 1

-Level 2

-Level 3

Paddle Special Weapon Power-up-
The main weapon of each paddle can be powered up.  After being powered up, the weapon can be launched.  These weapons vary by paddle and each paddles special weapon is listed in the table below.

-This image can be found on the score overlay at the top of the screen.  The circle will appear black in the middle when the weapon is not charged, and will fill and then stay filled until you release the button, thus "firing" the special weapon.  Whenever you release the left mouse button, the charging will start over at the beginning.

The Classic paddle is created after the style of all the old school paddles you are used to seeing.  This paddle has a wind-up power-up.  When your weapon is charging, the paddle will move towards the bottom of the screen.  When launched, you can cause the ball to increase its velocity and it will break through multiple bricks.
The Magnetic paddle can be either negative or positive.  When you click the right mouse button, you can toggle between +/-.  The +  paddle will repel the ball such that the ball will never hit the paddle, but will bounce off an invisible magnetic field.  When - is chosen, the paddle will catch the ball.  You can use the left mouse button to release the ball. This paddle has no special weapon.
The Rubber paddle caused the ball to accelerate each time it is hit by bouncing it.  The special weapon is a collection of balls that are released and will cause everything they hit to be bounced.  The ball will change directions if hit.  Any bricks hit will become bouncing bricks which will continue moving until frozen or destroyed.
The Winds paddle blows the ball away from it such that the ball never hits the paddle.  The different levels of the paddle increase the strength of the winds blowing the ball away.  The special weapon causes a windstorm at the bottom of the screen which blows all balls away from it.  Each level of the paddle causes the windstorm to occur farther up the screen.
The Ice paddle gives you extra help in practicing your english by affecting the spin on the ball.  There is a slick and a slushy version of this paddle.  They can be toggled by pressing the right mouse button.  The slushy version decreases the spin whereas the slick version increases the spin.  The special weapon is a wall that is displayed at the bottom of the screen when launched.
For those who love the gun there is the Missile paddle.  You can simply blast away at the bricks in front of you.  The 2nd level of this paddle increases the missile speed.  The 3rd level increases the speed and makes the missiles guidable.  If your opponent is hit by your missiles, he will be unable to move for a short period of time.

Launch Ball-The launch ball acts much like the rubber paddle special weapon.  It will cause bricks which are hit to launch off.  The bricks will bounce until they are destroyed.
Fire Ball-The fireball will cause the brick to burn until is melts down.  At that point, it will launch off mini-fireballs which will cause any brick hit to begin the melting process.
Ice Ball-The Ice Ball will freeze bricks hit by its ice shards.  Once frozen, the bricks will cease to move until they are destroyed.  When the ice is destroyed, it will shatter, freezing any bricks which the shards hit.
Toxic Ball-The Toxic ball will infect bricks hit by the viral shards.  When infected, the brick will have a limited life before it is destroyed by the toxins.  Then, it will automatically explode, releasing more viral shards onto the screen.

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