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 Break Ball 2: Gold


Take the amazing game Break Ball 2 a step further with the new BB2 Gold edition. This new version features much improved game play and uses openGL 3D technology to create amazing ball effects like motion blur, environmental reflection and particle trails.

With hundreds of levels, Break Ball 2 was the first game of its kind to offer many innovations such as the ability to choose your own uniquely powered paddle, the toxic ball, and bricks that create visual mastery in their movement. It is a game that many have enjoyed an you are sure to love it.  Try it out now by downloading the free demo.

  • 26 Power-Ups

  • 6 Different paddles, each with its own special abilities

  • 5 Sound Tracks

  • Vs. Play

  • Spin!

"One heck of a game!"







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9 out of 10

"Every true gamer should have at least one breakout-style game in their collection and Break Ball 2 is it! While the difficulty level is a little steep for newbies, the feature rich design and accessibility of the game make it in my opinion the new gold standard of the genre."

"If you thought you'd seen everything the game of Breakout has to offer, think again. Break Ball 2 nudges the boundaries of the old brick, ball and paddle game."

"Games like Breakout simply vanished off the face of the Earth. I have no idea why, but the relative simplicity of launching a ball into a brick wall and breaking them has always been appealing."
"While I havenít found myself pining for the return of the genre, I always thought it would be a rather entertaining concept if it were to re-emerge with differences, enhancements, and other new gameplay modes. Luckily, the folks over at BC Soft Games, maker of all that is retro goodness, developed just a game."
"The game itself is an absolute blast...the levels themselves are absolute genius."

"But all clones are not created equal and sometimes we get something which breaks the mold. One game that certainly adds much more to the original Breakout idea and is thus much more than just a clone, is Break Ball 2 Gold."
"I'd suggest the game for any classic gamer who loves the old Breakout series or to any gamer looking to add a fun and addictive game to their library. You won't be disappointed by BB2G."

"For only $19, you wonít find a better variation of Breakout available for your PC." "Whether you are looking to relive your misspent youth or just pass the time away with some challenging and additive gameplay, you wonít want to pass on Break Ball 2 Gold."

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