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 Dark Archon - Invasion -


With brilliant colored graphics and intense game play, Dark Archon -Invasion- presents space like you've never seen it before.

Players find themselves suddenly in a conflict between 4 different races.  A war on the planet Archonia has spilled over to Earth, bringing the un-witting Earthlings into a deadly space battle for survival.  Featuring multiple storylines and a wide variety of levels, Dark Archon -Invasion- offers unique game play that will excite your senses as you choose which side to play in the galactic conflict.

  • Immense battles where you will fight with your fellow fighters or die alone
  • 56 Intense levels
  • 4 Races with different ships and weaponry
  • 4 separate storylines with different conclusions
  • Huge Battlestations and SpaceStations
  • RPG-like ship improvement as you gain experience points
  • Survival mode







9 out of 10

"The dog fighting can get very intense, which is what I like about the game. With a large number of ships attacking each other, the fight can be pretty fun, but if you find yourself alone with an armada from one group after you, that's when you really have to be dexterous. Your attacks can generally destroy any missiles that come your way, but when you have seemingly hundreds of enemies screaming at you, you can't always hit all of their attacks successfully. Evasive maneuvering and power ups are your main tools to survive at that point."

"Action-packed and fun to play, this game delivers!"

"In a time when PC gaming has relatively few great titles to offer, Dark Archon is an independent game that nearly anyone can enjoy. Tried and true gameplay, excellent variety, and plenty of replay value make this game a solid bet. Old school gamers (and those who missed out on that entire generation of games), do yourselves a big favor. Get this game, you wonít regret it."

"Dark Archon is a refreshing space-action game, with tons of replay value, great graphics and is well worth the money you will put down for it. If you think that innovation is no where to be found in games anymore, try out Dark Archon to prove yourself wrong. "

"Dark Archon offers plenty of levels to keep your itchy trigger finger happy, and with four different races to choose from, each with itís own saga and bevy of levels, youíll find yourself occupied for quite a while."

"One of the neat things about Dark Archon, something I began to appreciate right off the bat, is that each race offers a unique campaign and each level offers missions that stress variety and creativity. Choose to play for the Lordís of Polis and you may find yourself fending off troublesome Archon fighters while defending a stranded Polis flagship. Take up the cause of the Earthlings and you might lead a squad of ships into battle to destroy a key objective or retake lost territory. Each level offers a new, tangible objective, something very refreshing to experience, and completing levels offers experience points which you can use to upgrade your ships weapons, armor, thrusters and special abilities."

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