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Time Command


Time is a wonderful gift, but what if when you died you decided you didn't want your time to be up? What if you wanted your time back?

Time Command is the protection force created to protect time from those who would take it for their own purposes. In a way, they protect each one of us...from ourselves.

Time Command is a game built on the Missile Command concept. The game takes place during different time periods, Roman, W.W.II, The Wild West, Dinosaur, Medieval, etc. In addition to the 7 main boards, there are also 7 bonus boards.

Each board has you protecting 6 time orbs from your tower, bunker, rock, pillar, or castle. The object to keep the dead from destroying the orbs and thereby taking control of time. You from your 3 firing points use a variety of weapons (6-shooter, cannon, fireball, blowdart, lightning bolt, etc) and special power-ups (shield, mines, MDK, spread, etc) to keep the enemy at bay.

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  Passwords / Cheats  
  Easy Difficulty Medium Difficulty Hard Difficulty
Bonus 1 *dino* hunter bcs$*t
Level 2: Dark Ages scourn jblrng jarlkz
Bonus 2 fledgr steenr edgr$$
Level 3: Greece walker biscon andiar
Bonus 3 tigger growlr jbrrry
Level 4: War at Sea thundr zipper dbulk
Bonus 4 dreams b*lamr joehrt
Level 5: Wild West buckst boruti cntemp
Bonus 5 target amwirs $taker
Level 6: WW2 Trenches ithica crickt spreez
Bonus 6 tennis rrvamp lalock
Level 7: Moonbase nuckit ta$zek dizmer
Bonus 7 pulsar blaz$* cjkpr*
Start w/Max money $ric*$ $*$bqz s*o*d$
Play only Bonus levels b$n*$$
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