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 Break Ball


The original game that launched the series, Break Ball gets things rolling with 240 levels set in a variety of unique locations.  The ball bouncing interaction and versus play that made this game a hit years ago are still just as fun to enjoy today.

Break Ball was the first game of its kind to have bricks that moved in mesmerizing geometric patterns and a paddle that winds up to hit the ball. The visual have aged over time, but it's still every bit as fun to bounce the balls off of each other as ever.

  • 240 levels set in unique locations
  • 2 player versus and co-operative play
  • 4 Special weapons
  • 9 Power-ups







"Break Ball is a Breakout clone with additional enhancements that definitely warrant a download..."

"Break Ball is one of the strongest single player Breakout games I have played. There are tons of modes, smooth graphics and nice power-ups. "

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